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, on the podcast, has discussed the importance of oral health, outlining various protocols from cost-saving to higher-cost products like water picks to maintain oral health. He explained that oral health is critical for not just the health of our teeth but also for our overall brain and body health, placing oral health as a new pillar alongside sleep, nutrition, movement, stress modulation, relationships, and light for total well-being 1.

To improve oral health, he emphasized correct flossing techniques 2, recommended avoiding alcohol-based mouthwashes 3, and discussed the benefits of xylitol for reducing cavity-causing bacteria streptococcus mutans 4. Additionally, he pointed out the importance of regular dental visits to assess the health levels in one's mouth 5, and informed about the remarkable ability of the oral cavity to heal with minimal scarring, highlighting its susceptibility but also its robust defensive mechanisms 6.

Oral Health Insights

Andrew emphasizes the critical link between oral health and overall well-being, highlighting cost-effective ways to improve oral health and remineralize teeth. He encourages reevaluating current oral care practices for optimal health benefits beyond just a bright smile.

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How to Improve Oral Health & It's Critical Role in Brain & Body Health

also linked poor oral health to serious conditions like periodontal disease, which has potential links to Alzheimer's and cardiac health. He urged the audience to maintain the correct pH of the mouth for tooth and gum health and avoiding periodontal disease, or even reversing its effects 6 7. Furthermore, he discussed how daily habits of oral health care are linked to long-term mental and physical health 7, and the damaging effects of substances like alcohol on oral health and its microbiome 8.