Prognosis for "Permanent Short-term memory loss"

There don't appear to be any specific clips from the Huberman Lab covering "permanent short-term memory loss." To find relevant details, you might want to explore episodes discussing memory and brain health in general. Reviewing these episodes could provide insight into current research and understanding of memory-related conditions.


Who are experts in memory research?


Here are some experts in memory research who have appeared on the Huberman Lab:

    • Title: Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at UC Berkeley
    • Specializes in brain mechanisms underlying cognition and memory, including neurochemicals, concussion, TBI, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.
    • Title: Neuroscientist, Author, and Dean at NYU
    • Renowned for research on memory, attention, and brain plasticity. Author of "Good Anxiety" and "Healthy Brain, Happy Life."
    • Title: Professor of Neuroscience at UCLA
    • Focuses on sleep's impact on learning, memory, hormonal balance, and emotional processing.
    • Title: Neuroscience Professor and Author at Johns Hopkins University
    • Author of "The Accidental Mind" focusing on brain evolution, love, memory, and dreams.
    • Title: MD, PhD, Psychiatry Professor at Stanford
    • Known for contributions to understanding neuroplasticity and how the brain changes in response to learning.

These experts can provide valuable insights into memory research and related cognitive functions.