can i use loud music to increase dopamine?


In the podcast, there's a discussion about using sound to influence dopamine levels. While specific discussions about loud music are not present, does talk about using white noise at a low volume to slightly raise the baseline of dopamine release, related to learning and attention. It's not about feeling amazing as when turning on a favorite song, but rather about raising the baseline firing of dopamine neurons, slightly, through a background auditory stimulus.

Additionally, in the context of exercise and combining stimuli for dopamine release, Huberman warns about "dopamine stacking," which involves combining multiple stimuli—such as caffeine, loud music, and intense workouts—to boost dopamine levels. This can result in a subsequent crash in dopamine levels, leading to lower than baseline mood states after the peak, something to be avoided.

Therefore, it seems that while carefully controlled auditory stimulation could potentially modulate dopamine, extreme stimuli like loud music may have undesired effects if used improperly or too frequently.

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