best way to build muscle for a 44 man


To effectively build muscle at the age of 44, suggests incorporating a balanced workout regimen that includes a mix of endurance and resistance training. Aim for 60 minutes (+/- 15 minutes) of exercise that combines both modalities, distributed in a 3:2 ratio of endurance to resistance, maintaining intensity levels where 80% do not go to failure and 20% can be high intensity or to failure. This protocol supports cardiovascular function, brain health, and builds muscle while boosting endurance 1.

Changing up repetition ranges in resistance training is also recommended for variation and enjoyment, as well as muscle growth through mechanisms like metabolic stress, mechanical tension, and muscular damage. Typically, repetition ranges can vary greatly for hypertrophy, with comparable effectiveness reported between 8 to 30 repetitions per set 2.

Hydration plays a crucial role in muscle building and overall health. A guideline suggested by is to consume half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Additional hydration is required post-workout, about 125% to 150% of the weight lost through sweat should be replaced with water intake 3.

Optimal Exercise Protocol

Andrew Huberman discusses the optimal exercise protocol for maximizing health benefits. He recommends a 3:2 ratio of endurance to resistance training, with 80% of workouts being below the "burn" threshold and 20% being higher intensity. This protocol supports lactate metabolism, brain health, and cardiovascular function.

Huberman Lab

Maximizing Productivity, Physical & Mental Health with Daily Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #28

For maximizing resistance exercise benefits, using weights within the range of 30% to 80% of your one-rep maximum, taking sets to failure or near to failure, is optimal for increasing muscle size and strength 4.

Post-workout practices also play a role in muscle adaptation, and Huberman advises avoiding cold immersion, such as ice baths, within four hours post-workout to not disrupt the inflammatory response critical for adaptation. Conversely, he endorses the use of heat immediately after training as it can enhance recovery by dilating the vascular system and increasing nutrient delivery to the muscles 5.

Remember that individual variances in fitness level, health status, and recovery capacity can affect training outcomes, so consulting a healthcare provider or fitness professional before starting a new regimen is recommended.


how to be supportive to 52 koren wife with health issues

I wasn't able to find specific advice for supporting a Korean wife with health issues directly from the . However, principles of support, communication, and empathy mentioned by in various contexts of health and wellness may be applicable.

General advice from on supporting a partner with health issues typically includes:

  1. Empathy: Understanding and sharing the feelings of another is crucial when a partner is facing health challenges. Providing a listening ear and seeking to understand her experience from her perspective can be comforting and supportive.

  2. Communication: Open and nonjudgmental discussions about health concerns, medical care, and emotional support can help in navigating the complexities of health issues. Ensure that the dialogue is two-way, allowing her to express her needs and concerns.

  3. Shared Decision-Making: When dealing with health issues, involving your wife in decision-making regarding her health and wellness strategies can be empowering and show respect for her autonomy.

  4. Lifestyle Adjustments: Supporting a partner with health issues may involve assisting with lifestyle changes like dietary modifications, exercise routines, and habits that promote better health outcomes.

  5. Caregiving: Sometimes, practical support like helping with medical appointments or home care tasks can significantly ease the stress and physical burden on a spouse who isn't feeling well.

It is essential to also consider cultural aspects and personal preferences when supporting a loved one. If your wife is Korean, showing respect for her cultural values and beliefs would also be a vital part of support.

Always stay informed and potentially seek guidance from healthcare professionals to tackle specific health challenges and provide the most appropriate support for your wife's condition.