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Hydrogen-enriched water is suggested to have health benefits, particularly for reducing inflammation and improving certain health metrics in cells, according to a study discussed by . The study showed that individuals older than 30 might experience reduced levels of inflammation and improved biological function as a result of drinking hydrogen-enriched water. The positive effects are reported to be associated with the antioxidant potential of certain cell types, primarily peripheral blood cells, due to reducing reactive oxygen species and free radicals 1.

The elevated pH of water that results from enhancing hydrogen can lead to better absorption by the body's cells, which might explain subjective reports of feeling better and having more energy, although there is also the possibility of a placebo effect. It's noteworthy that improvements in health metrics were specific to individuals older than 30 years old 1.

You can create hydrogen-enriched water by using dissolvable magnesium tablets that release hydrogen into the water. However, it's advised not to use just any magnesium tablet, but specifically those designed for this purpose. While this process has some scientific backing, the overall necessity and benefits of hydrogen-enriched water are still being explored. himself has used hydrogen-enriched water and plans to continue doing so, although he emphasizes that this is not essential for everyone and is an area of personal experimentation 2.

Hydrogen Rich Water

Andrew discusses a study that found that increasing the free hydrogen in water can improve certain health metrics in cells. The study showed reduced inflammation and improved markers of biological function in individuals older than 30 years old. The changes in PH of water that enhancing the hydrogen in water can create is what leads to the enhanced absorption and/or ability of cells to utilize that higher PH water.

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