Which order should I lift and do zone 2 cardio in the same session


To optimize your workout session when combining lifting and zone 2 cardio, and his guests have outlined some key insights:

  • Exercise Order: Generally, when lifting and doing zone 2 cardio in the same session, the order may not significantly affect your strength and hypertrophy gains. Doing zone 2 cardio on the same day as strength training, whether before or after lifting, should not greatly diminish your gains, and may even have complementary effects, increasing blood flow and potentially benefiting muscle growth 1.

  • Personal Routine: himself tends to alternate between resistance training and zone 2 cardio across different days rather than combining them on the same day. This routine does not include performing zone 2 cardio and lifting on the same day; however, for those who want to do both types of exercise in a single session, he suggests that the order is not crucially important 1.

  • Frequency & Safety: It's acceptable to perform zone 2 cardio daily or multiple times a week, even when engaged in a strength training regimen. The key is to ensure that whichever activity you choose to do first does not compromise safety or the quality of the subsequent exercise 2.

  • Overall Health Benefits: Zone 2 cardio is emphasized as an essential part of overall health, and should ideally be included in your routine regularly, providing benefits to cardiovascular, cerebral, and overall health 3 4.

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To summarize, you can perform lifting and zone 2 cardio in any order on the same day without major concerns about impeding muscle growth. The decision should be based on personal preference, convenience, and specific fitness goals. As always, listen to your body and prioritize safety in your workouts.