what does kyle gilett and andrew think about masturbation without porn


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kyle talked about harm from masturbation and porn


and have discussed the potential harms related to masturbation and porn, particularly focusing on their effects on hormones and brain wiring.

highlights that frequent masturbation, especially when coupled with porn, can lead to substantial decreases in libido and motivation in real-world sexual interactions. This is primarily due to the effects on dopamine levels and the subsequent neuroplastic changes that condition the brain to expect and be aroused by visual stimuli rather than actual sexual encounters 1.

adds that the act of masturbation leading to ejaculation increases prolactin levels, which inhibits the release of certain hormones like LH, potentially decreasing testosterone levels if the habit is very frequent (daily or more) 1. He further explains that the highly stimulating nature of porn exacerbates this effect due to intense visual stimuli, which significantly impacts dopamine sensitivity 2.

Both emphasize that the frequency of these activities matters considerably. Consuming porn and masturbating multiple times a day can be detrimental to hormone profiles and overall mental health, reinforcing a cycle of dependence on these habits for sexual satisfaction 1. Reducing or eliminating these activities might be advisable for some individuals to maintain healthier hormonal balance and more fulfilling real-world relationships 3.

Porn and Hormones

Andrew and Kyle discuss the relationship between porn, masturbation, and hormones. They explain how frequent masturbation can decrease testosterone levels in males and limit libido in the real world. They also discuss the effects of pornography on dopamine sensitivity and hormonal components.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Kyle Gillett: Tools for Hormone Optimization in Males | Huberman Lab Podcast 102