I just listened to your incredible conversation with Chris Voss and I’m really hoping you have heard of Charles Duhigg and his book Supercommunicators. A conversation between you guys would inspire the masses!

I'm glad you enjoyed the conversation with Chris Voss! As of now, there hasn't been a conversation between and Charles Duhigg on the about the book "Supercommunicators." That indeed sounds like it would be an inspiring episode! If you have any other topics or questions related to the podcast, feel free to ask.


What topics would you like Andrew Huberman and Charles Duhigg to discuss?


While I can't offer personal suggestions, here are some potential topics that and Charles Duhigg could discuss based on their expertise, which might enrich our understanding of productivity, neuroscience, and habit formation:

  1. The Neuroscience of Habit Formation: Exploring the brain mechanisms that underpin habit formation, and how understanding these processes can enhance productivity and well-being.

  2. Productivity and Mental Health: Discussing the impact of productivity strategies on mental health and how to maintain balance to avoid burnout.

  3. Decision Making and Neuroscience: Examining how our brain makes decisions and how habits influence our choices. They could delve into strategies for improving decision-making processes.

  4. Tools for Enhancing Cognitive Performance: Discussing practical methods and tools, possibly derived from neuroscience, to enhance cognitive performance through habit restructuring.

  5. Behavior Modification in Practice: Sharing real-life applications and success stories of behavior modification, emphasizing the principles discussed in "The Power of Habit".

These topics leverage the intersection of Duhigg's insights into habit and productivity with Huberman's deep knowledge of neuroscience and human behavior. Such a conversation could provide actionable advice for employing scientific knowledge to improve daily life and work efficiency.