How bad is smoking for cardio?


Smoking significantly impairs cardiovascular health. discusses a range of cardiovascular issues associated with nicotine use from smoking and vaping, such as greatly increased probability of stroke and peripheral vascular disease. This damage is due in part to endothelial cell dysfunction, which not only affects the heart and peripheral tissues but also impacts cognitive function due to decreased efficiency in nutrient and waste product circulation in the brain. The overall statistic shared is stark: engaging in nicotine delivery device behaviors like smoking or vaping leads to increased rates of heart attacks, strokes, cognitive decline, and peripheral neuropathies 1.

Additionally, it's important to note the broader health context. While the clip provided does not directly answer your question about the specific effect of smoking on cardio, a comprehensive understanding of its negative impact on overall health, including cardiovascular systems, is well-established. Smoking and other forms of nicotine consumption are among the leading causes of preventable death and debilitating conditions.

Nicotine's Impact

Andrew discusses the negative impact of nicotine on health, including increased rates of cancer, stroke, heart attack, and cognitive decline. He explains how disruptions in the vasculature and endothelial cell dysfunction can lead to brain dysfunction and memory impairment. Despite the clear negative effects, billions of people still consume tobacco in one form or another to get their nicotine fix.

Huberman Lab

Nicotine’s Effects on the Brain & Body & How to Quit Smoking or Vaping | Huberman Lab Podcast #90