I want to learn anatomy how do i start?


If you are eager to begin learning anatomy, the insight from Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett could be an excellent starting point. She suggests beginning with a foundational understanding of the nervous system and its evolution, which offers a valuable perspective on the complex structure of the brain. Barrett emphasizes that grasping the basics of anatomy is critical for making discoveries in neuroscience and beyond. Additionally, advocates for appreciating and understanding the core attributes and elements of the subject at hand 1.

Moreover, discusses the importance of comprehending the 'verbs' of biology, meaning the processes and actions within biological systems. This approach focuses on understanding how things work and change over time rather than just memorizing the terms and names ('nouns') within anatomy. This conceptual framework can enhance your grasp of complex scientific concepts and support a more profound comprehension of physiological processes 2.

You might find it beneficial to integrate these insights into your study of anatomy by starting with the fundamental structures and functions of the nervous system and expanding upon that knowledge through exploration and understanding of the dynamic processes that operate within the human body.

Understanding the Brain

Lisa Feldman Barrett shares her unique perspective on understanding the brain by starting with the nervous system and exploring its evolution and structure. She emphasizes the importance of anatomy in making discoveries and challenges the notion of the brain as a stimulus-driven organ. Andrew Huberman appreciates returning to the fundamentals and encourages a deeper understanding of the core basics.

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Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett: How to Understand Emotions | Huberman Lab Podcast