What should my rest interval for hyperthrophy be on incline bench


When training for hypertrophy on exercises like the incline bench, it's recommended to rest between sets for about two minutes. You can rest longer, even up to three to five minutes, but it's essential to increase the mechanical tension (weight) or volume to compensate for the lower metabolic challenge. Shorter rest intervals (30-90 seconds) can also be effective, especially if maintaining mechanical tension isn't feasible for you. However, longer rests might make it difficult to maintain workout intensity and duration 1.

suggests choosing your rest interval based on your ability to maintain focus and perform subsequent sets with sufficient intent. For hypertrophy, a practical approach could be to rest around two minutes between sets 1.

Rest and Hypertrophy

Andy and Andrew discuss the interplay between rest and hypertrophy in strength training. Recent research shows that rest periods of up to three to five minutes between sets are fine for moderate to newly trained individuals, but the metabolic challenge is lower. To compensate, one needs to increase the challenge in either mechanical tension or volume.

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