What protocols are recommended for improving creativity?


To enhance creativity, discusses several approaches based on different principles:

  1. Work Environment Adjustments:

    • For brainstorming and creative work, consider a high-ceiling or no-ceiling environment, possibly without a brimmed hat or hoodie, which has been supported by the peer-reviewed literature to foster creativity 1.
  2. Neurochemical Foundations:

    • Understanding your brain chemistry is crucial, as all protocols for improving things like sleep, focus, and creativity, leverage a core set of biological mechanisms. Knowledge about the four major pillars of neurochemistry enables you to select appropriate protocols for your goals 2.
  3. Science-Based Protocols:

    • A variety of science-backed behavioral and supplement-based protocols can enhance creativity along with other aspects of life like mood and sleep 3.

      Work Optimization

      Andrew discusses how optimizing your workspace can improve creativity and productivity. He suggests creating a high ceiling or no ceiling environment for creative work and using a low ceiling environment for detailed work. He also mentions other tools like supplements and focus tasks to improve work performance.

      Huberman Lab

      Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity | Huberman Lab Podcast #57
  4. Narrative Training:

    • World building, perspective shifting, and action generating are components of narrative training to enhance creativity, tracing back to Aristotle's ideas 4.
  5. Non-Sleep Deep Rest:

    • Implementing non-sleep deep rest protocols can enhance and accelerate plasticity, leading to creative states of mind that involve rearranging existing knowledge in novel ways 5.
  6. Emotional Regulation:

    • Proper emotion regulation supports the brain functions related to affect and emotions. A daily investment in the six core pillars of health can build up a 'brain body budget' to have more resources for creativity and mental health 6.

Remember to consider context and personal needs when choosing and combining these protocols.