Why is morning sunlight important?


Morning sunlight is pivotal in several ways. Here’s a summary of its importance as discussed by :

  • Sets Your Circadian Rhythms: Morning sunlight has special types of neurons that tell your brain it's daytime, promoting alertness and setting biological cascades that affect every cell and organ, which is crucial for optimal functioning throughout the day 1.
  • Promotes Wakefulness & Cortisol Regulation: The light stimulates a healthy pulse of the hormone cortisol, which helps promote wakefulness and supports a healthy immune system 1.
  • Influences Sleep: It helps trigger the right metabolism, suppresses any leftover nocturnal melatonin, and sets the timing for proper sleep about 16 hours later 2.
  • Improves Mental and Physical Health: Committing to morning sunlight exposure at least 80% of the days of your life can enhance your mood, alertness, and your ability to maintain stable sleep patterns 2.
  • Metabolic and Hormonal Effects: Viewing morning sunlight has profound effects on metabolism and could indirectly result from better sleep quality at night 3.

    Morning Sunlight

    Andrew explains the importance of getting morning sunlight to set your circadian rhythms and promote wakefulness. He emphasizes that the short pulse of cortisol that comes with morning sunlight is healthy and promotes a healthy immune system. He also gives tips on how to safely get sunlight exposure and mentions that this protocol applies to animals as well.

    Huberman Lab

    Maximizing Productivity, Physical & Mental Health with Daily Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #28
  • Adaptation to Light: Exposure to morning sunlight will gradually increase energy and body awareness of this wakefulness mechanism if done consistently 2.

emphasizes that practicing safe sunlight exposure and doing it daily, even on cloudy days or in various environments, is integral for mental and physical health. If you miss a day of sunlight exposure, try to compensate by extending the duration the following day 2.