what is the best workout protocol for a woman?


To design an effective workout protocol for women without inducing significant hypertrophy (muscle bulk), offers specific guidelines:

  • Repetition Range: Opt for very heavy weights that allow only one to three repetitions to mainly increase strength with minimal muscle growth. This range targets neural improvements and muscle strength without significant hypertrophy. 1
  • Rest Intervals: Pay attention to rest intervals between sets. Extending the rest interval may help to avoid hypertrophic responses if an individual tends to bulk up quickly. 1
  • Type of Resistance Training: Compound movements and resistance exercises can stimulate hormonal changes, such as an increase in testosterone, which can support muscle strength. An example protocol includes six sets of ten repetitions with about two minutes of rest between sets. 2

Moreover, to tailor workouts to individual physiological differences, suggests that women work with qualified physicians to understand factors such as hormonal changes across the menstrual cycle and possible nutritional needs. This can be crucial for effective strength training and overall health. 3

Strength Training for Women

Learn how to embrace resistance training without bulking up and discover the best protocols for strength training without hypertrophy for women. Andrew shares insights on the relationship between weight training and muscle growth, as well as different repetition ranges and rest periods that can stimulate strength gains without significant hypertrophy.

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Lastly, for general exercise recommendations, suggests the following workout regimen design for optimal health:

  • Workout Duration: Approximately 60 minutes, not exceeding this duration as it may raise cortisol levels detrimentally. 4
  • Weekly Frequency: Work out at least five days per week, with two rest days for recovery. 4
  • Training Emphasis: Use a 3:2 ratio of strength/hypertrophy to endurance training for about a 10- to 12-week period, then switch the priorities for another cycle to maintain balance between muscular and cardiovascular health. 4

It is important that workout protocols are adjusted based on individual responses, health goals, and medical guidance.