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There was an episode about cognitive changes with age

It seems that there isn't a specific episode exclusively focused on cognitive changes with age within the Huberman Lab podcast data. However, topics related to aging, brain health, and cognitive functions are often discussed throughout various episodes.

Is there a particular aspect of cognitive changes with age you are interested in, like prevention strategies, mechanisms behind cognitive decline, or ways to enhance cognitive longevity? Please let me know so I can provide more tailored information.


One about aging and how it makes someone getting better at sharing knowledge with others

The episode of the Huberman Lab podcast titled "Dr. David Sinclair: The Biology of Slowing & Reversing Aging" features Dr. David Sinclair discussing various topics related to aging. One relevant section involves the concept of "Science Education Revolution," where they discuss how aging impacts and potentially enhances capabilities like sharing and communicating complex scientific knowledge. This ties into the broader discussion on how aging can affect cognitive functions in potentially positive ways, by possibly enhancing certain types of knowledge transfer and expertise .