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is a former Tier One U.S. Navy SEAL joint task force commander who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq and has worked as a BUD/S training officer. He has shared his experiences related to his service, including his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Ruiz has also emphasized the importance of mentors, family, and friends in building resilience. He has appeared on the podcast to discuss these topics.


Play Huberman Lab episode with Coleman Ruiz

You can listen to the episode featuring on the titled "". The episode explores his experiences as a Navy SEAL, challenges he faced including PTSD, as well as the role of mentors, family, and friends in resilience and overcoming obstacles.


What is Coleman Ruiz known for besides being a Navy SEAL?

Besides his experience as a Navy SEAL, is recognized for contributing to the understanding of overcoming physical and emotional challenges. His discussions encompass aspects such as the neurobiology of wrestling, patriotism, personal achievements, family dynamics, coping with PTSD, and insights into therapy, including the use of psychedelics and the importance of emotional strength and balance in life. This is based on the thematic description of the episode on the .