How should I structure a week of strength training workouts?


To structure a week of strength training, here is a framework based on insights from the :

  1. Three-Day Protocol (Minimum):

    • Day 1: Strength training session with exercises in the 5-10 repetition range for both strength and hypertrophy, ideally whole-body using multi-joint exercises.
    • Day 2: Long duration, restorative cardiovascular work to help with recovery from Day 1, which could be a swim, bike ride, or similar activity.
    • Day 3: Exercise targeting muscular endurance or muscular burn with higher repetitions (11-30 reps), possibly bodyweight or light resistance exercises, like yoga or Pilates 1.
  2. Four-Day Expanded Protocol:

    • Include the same activities as above, adding another structured exercise day to cover other areas or to intensify focus on specific goals 2.
  3. Full Weekly Schedule Example:

    • Sunday: Long endurance workout
    • Monday: Leg resistance training
    • Tuesday: Heat cold contrast for recovery
    • Wednesday: Torso training plus neck
    • Thursday: Moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise
    • Friday: High-intensity interval training (sprints or variations)
    • Saturday: Arms, calves, neck, and torso (indirect work) 2.
  4. Intensity and Volume Considerations:

    • Alternate intensity and volume, slightly increasing either every week for about six weeks. Then dial back (deload) before escalating again.
    • For hypertrophy, aim for 15 to 20 sets per muscle group per week, with repetitions ranging from 6-30, going close to failure, especially for exercises with lower risk 3.

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  5. Three by Five Protocol for Strength:

    • Three to five exercises per workout
    • Three to five sets per exercise
    • Three to five repetitions per set
    • Three to five minutes rest between sets
    • Can do these workouts three to five times per week but adjust based on recovery and time capacity 4.
  6. Flexibility in Scheduling:

    • Workouts can be forwarded or pushed back a day to accommodate life events. Ensure recovery times are respected, especially for taxing workouts like leg days and high-intensity intervals 5.

Tailor these general principles based on your individual goals, recovery capacity, and exercise preference. It's important to adjust intensity, volume, and rest intervals to align with your progress and avoid overtraining or injury. Always consider consulting with a fitness professional when designing a workout program to ensure it meets your specific needs and circumstances.