Where does dizziness come from?


Dizziness can be caused by various factors including low blood sugar, dehydration, and low electrolyte levels, specifically sodium. explains that feeling dizzy often relates to disturbances in balance or inner ear issues, while feeling lightheaded might be linked to low electrolytes or blood sugar levels. An easy remedy for lightheadedness due to low salt levels is the addition of sea salt to water, which can help manage the balance of electrolytes and improve symptoms 1.

Dizziness and Lightheadedness

Andrew explains the difference between feeling dizzy and lightheaded, and discusses the various causes of both, including low blood sugar and low electrolytes. He also shares a simple remedy for lightheadedness that involves adding salt to water.

Huberman Lab

The Science of Hearing, Balance & Accelerated Learning | Huberman Lab Podcast #27