Why wait with caffeine ingestion?


Delaying caffeine ingestion after waking up is advised to optimize the relationship between caffeine and adenosine, which can help maintain steady energy levels throughout the day without experiencing an afternoon crash 1. Waiting for 90 to 120 minutes after waking to consume caffeine prevents blocking adenosine receptors too early, which can improve nighttime sleep quality and help individuals feel more alert in the morning. This strategy can also potentiate the neural circuit between the Circadian clock and cortisol release in the adrenals, resulting in a natural lift in alertness and focus without the adverse effects of caffeine-induced midmorning crash due to competition for adenosine receptors 2.

Caffeine Timing

Andrew shares his strategy for optimizing the relationship between caffeine and adenosine to maintain a consistent arc of energy throughout the day, without experiencing an afternoon crash. He delays caffeine intake to 90 minutes to two hours after waking up to prevent blocking adenosine receptors too early in the day.

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