I need a workout program for building muscle and losing fat. I have barbell with plate weights, a pull up bar, jump rope, and some dumbbells. What kind of program should I do if I want to workout 4 days a week, and workout for under 45 minutes


Based on the knowledge provided by the Huberman Lab, here is a proposed 4-day workout program under 45 minutes combining advice from different episodes related to fitness, strength, and muscular endurance:

Workout Structure:

  • Day 1: Speed, Power, and Hypertrophy

    • Begin with speed and power exercises like jump squats or plyometric push-ups for quick bursts.
    • Follow with hypertrophy work targeting major muscle groups using your barbell and dumbbells 1.
  • Day 2: Cardiovascular & Endurance

    • Incorporate zone two cardio exercises such as jump rope intervals where you can maintain a conversation without getting winded 2.
    • Consider muscular endurance exercises like multiple sets of bodyweight exercises (push-ups, pull-ups) 3.

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  • Day 3: Rest or Active Recovery

    • Engage in light activities such as walking or stretching to promote recovery.
  • Day 4: Strength and Carries

    • Focus on barbell movements for strength such as squats, bench presses, and deadlifts, working with heavier loads and fewer reps 4.
    • Perform loaded carries such as farmer's carries with dumbbells to engage the upper body.
  • Day 5: Rest or Active Recovery

    • Similar to Day 3, perform gentle, recovery-focused activities.
  • Day 6: Full Body Circuit

    • Use a combination of barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises to create a circuit. Include exercises like squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and overhead presses, aiming for moderate weights and higher reps 5.
  • Day 7: Rest

    • Allow for complete rest or light stretching/yoga.

Notes on Program:

  • Aim for workouts between 45-60 minutes, avoiding longer sessions to prevent excess fatigue and cortisol spikes 5.
  • Adjust the intensity by the weights used and the number of repetitions, ensuring adequate recovery 5.
  • For cardiovascular exercises on your endurance day, ensure you're in zone two for optimal health benefits 2.
  • Incorporate exercises that don't have a significant eccentric load for endurance training days 3.
  • Schedule may be adjusted based on recovery, preference, and weekly schedule but maintain the framework for consistency.

This program leverages the equipment you have and time constraints while ensuring it covers various aspects of fitness important for health and physique. Always consult with a healthcare provider or a fitness professional before starting a new workout program.