Is Sumac good for health?

I was unable to find any specific information from the Huberman Lab discussing Sumac and its health benefits. To obtain accurate and detailed information about Sumac's impact on health, please consult scientific research or a healthcare professional.


Can you recommend any nutrition experts or episodes discussing the benefits of herbs like Sumac?


While I did not find a specific episode from the Huberman Lab focusing on the benefits of herbs like Sumac, there are several nutrition experts who have appeared on the podcast who may have discussed related topics:

  • : A gynecologist and bestselling author with a focus on hormone health, vitality, and longevity. Her expertise includes integrative medicine and nutritional sciences.

  • : A muscle physiologist and professor known for discussing detailed, molecular insights into nutrition and its effects on health.

For more nuanced discussions on nutrition and possibly the benefits of herbs, you might explore their appearances on the Huberman Lab or other nutrition-focused content from these experts.