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For improving sleep, the recommends considering specific supplements such as magnesium threonate or magnesium bisglycinate, and apigenin. Magnesium helps to facilitate falling asleep and achieve deeper sleep, while apigenin, which comes from chamomile, can reduce anxiety and help in easing into sleep 1. It's important to try these supplements separately or together to see which best suits the individual's needs. Before taking any supplements, consulting a healthcare professional is strongly advised.

voiced some concerns about melatonin, as it can impact sleep and reproductive hormone systems. He suggests it may be used sparingly for jet lag or occasionally, but advises caution due to potential health impacts and inconsistent dosages in supplements 2.

Additionally, Dr. Huberman advised against a shotgun approach to supplementation, calling for systematically trying single-ingredient formulations and seeing how they impact sleep quality individually. This approach helps identify the most effective aids without incurring unnecessary costs or health risks 3.

Sleep Supplements

Andrew discusses the effectiveness of magnesium and apigenin supplements in aiding sleep. He suggests trying them separately or together to determine which works best for the individual.

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Developing a Rational Approach to Supplementation for Health & Performance | Huberman Lab Podcast

While Dr. Huberman is not against the use of supplements, he emphasizes the importance of behavioral protocols, such as natural light exposure, exercise, and thermal regulation, before turning to supplements for sleep improvement 4.