I think if I sunned my perineum during the eclipse I would become unstoppable. Are there any ancient texts I can refer to? Maybe an Andrew Huberman podcast?

It seems there are no clips from the Huberman Lab that discuss ancient texts about sunbathing the perineum during an eclipse, at least from the data available to me. The practice you are referring to, sometimes humorously called "perineum sunning," is not something Andrew Huberman has addressed in the context of ancient texts or in relation to astronomical events like an eclipse.

For scientifically grounded information on wellness, health, or neuroscience, Dr. Huberman provides evidence-based insights on the Huberman Lab, although the more esoteric practice you mentioned doesn't appear to be among the topics covered. If you're interested in learning more about general health improvement through lifestyle changes based on science, the Huberman Lab could certainly be a resource for that.