which ai are you using?


Based on the data from Huberman Lab, there are discussions about artificial intelligence and related technologies, but there is no specific mention of the AI driving the podcast search system or this assistant's operations in the provided clips.

However, here are some insights regarding AI discussed within the Huberman Lab Podcast:

  • Shifting AI Paradigms: The podcast touched on the difference between the philosophies of Google and Apple for AI training and the role of large datasets (1).

  • AI and Neuralink: Neuralink engineers have developed software that can adapt to the brain's firing patterns, discussed potential AI applications in medical technology to aid those with disabilities (2).

  • AI Assistants for Social Engagement: The creation of AI personas for various applications, such as cooking and fitness, was discussed, emphasizing the potential for creators and small businesses to use AI for community and customer engagement (3).

    Shifting AI Paradigms

    Discover the ideological divide between Google and Apple when it comes to data pooling for AI training. Gain insights into the benefits of larger data sets and how it has revolutionized AI capabilities in recognizing objects, images, and faces. Explore the impact of training AI on the entire internet of text and its implications for the future.

    Huberman Lab

    Marc Andreessen: How Risk Taking, Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Transform Human Experience
  • AI's Potential in Defense: The potential of AI in improving defenses, designing vaccines, and improving healthcare access has been conversed (4).

These clips showcase some of the diverse applications and implications of AI discussed on the Huberman Lab Podcast. If you are looking for information on a specific type of AI or a particular application, please provide more details so I can assist you further.