What is non-sleep deep rest? (NSDR)


Non-sleep deep rest, or NSDR, is an umbrella term coined by for protocols that help in shifting the brain and body into a state of deep relaxation without sleeping. These protocols include meditation, yoga nidra, and hypnosis. NSDR practices can support better brain and body function by promoting relaxation, enhancing focus, accelerating learning and plasticity within the brain, and restoring dopamine levels related to motivation and cognitive control. Moreover, NSDR can be beneficial for individuals experiencing sleep issues, anxiety, or those who need to recover from insufficient sleep while also providing general restorative advantages for wellbeing 1 2 3.

Non-Sleep Deep Rest

Andrew discusses the benefits of non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) and how it can improve brain and body function. He explains that NSDR protocols involve deliberate and directed shifts towards deeper relaxation, such as meditation, yoga nidra, and hypnosis. Andrew highlights hypnosis as a unique NSDR tool that can be directed towards specific goals and outcomes, promoting not just deep relaxation but also accelerating plasticity and learning within the brain.

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