Why is morning sunlight important?


Morning sunlight is crucial for multiple reasons, as mentioned by :

  1. Sets Circadian Rhythms: Neurons in the eyes signal to the brain that it's daytime, which sets off biological processes in every organ, promoting alertness and aligning with our natural circadian rhythms 1.

  2. Boosts Cortisol: Healthy morning cortisol levels are triggered by morning light, aiding wakefulness and supporting a healthy immune system 1.

  3. Enhances Alertness: Regular exposure to morning light increases energy and alertness more quickly 2.

  4. Improves Sleep: Morning sunlight helps set the proper timing for metabolism and sleep, allowing you to fall asleep about 16 hours later and enhances your ability to stay asleep 2.

  5. Regulates Mood: Dr. concurs that morning sunlight has an untapped potential to affect humans positively, similar to its impact on other animals and plants 3.

    Morning Sunlight

    Andrew explains the importance of getting morning sunlight to set your circadian rhythms and promote wakefulness. He emphasizes that the short pulse of cortisol that comes with morning sunlight is healthy and promotes a healthy immune system. He also gives tips on how to safely get sunlight exposure and mentions that this protocol applies to animals as well.

    Huberman Lab

    Maximizing Productivity, Physical & Mental Health with Daily Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #28
  6. Mental and Physical Health: Morning sunlight viewing is deeply grounded in physiology, having a robust positive effect on wakefulness, sleep, mood, focus, alertness, and metabolism 4 5.

  7. Pets and Other Animals: Many animals seek out morning sunlight intuitively, and exposure to natural light cycles is crucial for their health as well 1.

This practice should be done consistently for maximum benefits, ideally every day, barring circumstances that prevent exposure to sunlight. In such cases, getting outside as soon as possible or supplementing with bright artificial light can be helpful 2.