How do I stay motivated


To stay motivated, suggests using the concept of intermittent reward schedules. This approach involves varying the delivery of rewards, which can significantly increase the release of dopamine, thereby boosting motivation. Instead of consistently rewarding an action, it's more effective to deliver rewards unpredictably. For instance, only receiving a reward after every third or randomly selected effort can keep the anticipation and motivation high. This method is similar to the mechanics behind slot machines and gambling, where the uncertainty of reward keeps individuals engaged and continually motivated 1.

Another strategy for sustaining motivation is to focus on setting the right level of focus during specific work or learning sessions. For short-term tasks like a one-hour learning block or day-to-day activities, small motivational protocols can be implemented. For longer-term goals, establishing a mindset where rewards are not the sole focus is crucial. Instead, appreciating the process and intermittently rewarding oneself can help maintain and even boost motivation over time. This strategy leverages our dopamine system's role in connecting effort and reward, ensuring continued motivation through varying the frequency and nature of rewards 2 3.

Motivation and Dopamine

Andrew explains how dopamine is released in response to anticipation of a reward, and how intermittent reward schedules can harness the biology of dopamine in ways that can allow you essentially infinite motivation over time. He also discusses how this concept can be applied to stay motivated in your own pursuits and how it relates to the pleasure system.

Huberman Lab

How to Control Your Sense of Pain & Pleasure | Huberman Lab Podcast #32

Additionally, introduces the idea of 'temptation bundling,' where you pair a less desirable task with a pleasurable activity to increase willingness and maintain motivation. This method ensures that the pleasurable activity (e.g., listening to music or your favorite podcast) is exclusively enjoyed while performing the less desirable task, like folding laundry or working out, combining immediate joy with task completion 4.