sleep experts


Below are some experts in the field of sleep research who have appeared on various podcasts:

  1. Stephanie Romiszewski - She is a sleep expert who runs the Sleepyhead Clinic and the Sleepyhead Program, helping individuals with sleep-related issues.
  2. Dr. Daniel Gartenberg - As a sleep scientist and CEO of SleepSpace, Dr. Gartenberg has extensive experience developing sleep technology and has been involved in related research for over 15 years.
  3. Dr. Craig Kanapari - Specializing in sleep studies, Dr. Kanapari focuses on sleep patterns and problems, particularly in teenagers, and their effects on various aspects of life.
  4. Dr. Michael Grandner - As a researcher specializing in insomnia, Dr. Grandner studies its impact on both physical and mental health.
  5. Dr. Sten Ekberg - Although not exclusively a sleep expert, Dr. Ekberg is a health expert who also provides insights into improving sleep alongside other aspects of health optimization.

Each of these individuals has shared their knowledge on sleep through different podcast platforms, and they are recognized for their contributions to our understanding of sleep science and health.