Why am I so tired after eating


Feeling tired after eating can result from various factors. Although the specific reason for feeling sleepy after meals wasn't directly discussed in the clips, some relevant insights from include:

  • The volume of food consumed can impact sleepiness, as mentioned in a discussion about sleep tools and optimizing sleep-wake timing. In this context, Huberman highlights the role of food in setting a circadian clock and how eating larger quantities might influence sleepiness 1.
  • In another episode, there was a discussion about the effects of low carbohydrate meals and choline content on focus, indirectly suggesting that meal composition might affect energy levels and alertness. Higher carbohydrate meals may lead to more pronounced energy dips post-meal 2.

These points suggest that the quantity and composition of the meal could be contributing factors to tiredness after eating. For a more comprehensive explanation, including an analysis of blood sugar regulation related to hunger and eating, you might need to listen to full-length episodes on the subject from the .

Optimizing Sleep

Andrew discusses the impact of food volume on sleepiness, the importance of setting a food entrained circadian clock, and how to create predictability in autonomic timing to optimize sleep. He also shares tips for shifting your circadian clock and getting onto the local schedule.

Huberman Lab

Sleep Toolkit: Tools for Optimizing Sleep & Sleep-Wake Timing | Huberman Lab Podcast #84