Which supplements does Huberman take?


Andrew Huberman has discussed the topic of supplements on the Huberman Lab podcast, particularly highlighting his partnership with Momentous supplements. He emphasizes the importance of single-ingredient supplements and their high quality, but he does not necessarily recommend the same supplements for everyone, noting that individual needs vary. Huberman also points out that single-ingredient supplements allow individuals to customize their protocols systematically and scientifically. To explore the specific supplements associated with Huberman Lab and Momentous, you can visit the website livemomentous.com/huberman, where the library of supplements is constantly being updated with products they discuss and endorse. However, please note that while supplements can be beneficial for certain health aspects like sleep, focus, or hormone support, they are not necessary for everyone.

For information on particular supplements that Andrew Huberman personally takes, it would require a direct statement from him on the topic, and the provided clips do not mention his personal supplement regimen. To potentially obtain this information, one would have to listen to episodes where Huberman may discuss his own use of supplements in detail1 cite[chunk_51219] cite[chunk_49196] cite[chunk_49378] cite[chunk_49429] cite[chunk_49248] cite[chunk_49289] cite[chunk_58071] cite[chunk_57968] cite[chunk_58032] cite[chunk_56931] cite[chunk_57888].

Momentous Supplements Partnership

Andrew announces the Huberman Lab Podcast's partnership with Momentous supplements, highlighting the quality and precision of their single-ingredient supplements. He also mentions their international shipping and the ability to build a personalized supplementation protocol. Listeners can visit livemomentous.com/huberman to view the supplements available.

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