How do I lose weight


To lose weight, recommends a combination of exercise strategies and healthy dietary habits:

  1. Exercise: Engage in high-intensity training followed by low-intensity training thrice or four times a week, which can optimize body fat loss. Keep in mind that the adrenaline released during high-intensity movement is the trigger for fat loss 1.
  2. Nutrition: Implement healthy eating habits, which include avoiding processed foods identified as 'NOVA class four' that are linked to chronic metabolic diseases. Instead, select whole foods classified as 'NOVA class one to three' and consider using tools like the 'Perfect' web-based tool that categorizes foods based on metabolic effects 2.
  3. Hydration: Maintain proper hydration by consuming a half-ounce of fluid per pound of body weight daily and replacing 125% of fluids lost during exercise 3.

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  4. Building Muscle: Plan a strategy for building muscle, which is beneficial for fat loss. This might involve setting quarterly goals and ensuring a moderate caloric deficit to avoid losing lean mass 4 5.
  5. Health Improvement: Besides regular exercising, sugar reduction is vital. emphasizes that cutting out sugar is the most essential step to improving health 6.
  6. Mindset: Recognizing the work you do as good exercise can positively affect your health, even if you don't actively change your behavior or activity 7.
  7. Personalized Dieting: Use personalized dieting apps designed to adjust calorie intake according to your energy expenditure and dietary preferences to aid in weight loss, maintenance, or muscle gain 8.

Combining these approaches will create a comprehensive plan to achieve weight loss through lifestyle changes that enhance exercise benefits, proper nutrition and hydration, and state of mind.