What is the best kind of magnesium for sleep


Andrew Huberman has discussed the benefits of magnesium threonate for sleep, noting its preference for being shuttled to the brain and engaging the GABA pathway which aids in falling asleep 1. He also mentioned magnesium bisglycinate as another form that can be used as a sleep aid, mentioning that it helps with falling asleep faster and staying asleep 2. It is important to approach new supplements with care and consider starting with lifestyle changes before supplementation 3.

Magnesium for Sleep

Andrew discusses the benefits of magnesium for sleep, specifically magnesium threonate, which is preferentially shuttled to the brain and engages the GABA pathway to help with falling asleep. He also explores different forms of magnesium and their effects on the body, cautioning listeners to approach new supplements with care.

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It's also important to consider individual responses to supplements, as magnesium and other compounds like apigenin may work differently for each person. Andrew has suggested trying them separately or together to see what works best for the individual 4.