Carbs for dinner


Consuming carbohydrates for dinner can positively impact sleep quality due to their role in increasing serotonin levels, which aid in transitioning to sleep. details his own practice of including starchy carbohydrates and some protein in his evening meals to promote rest and sleep by boosting serotonin. He finds that many on low-carb diets struggle with sleep due to insufficient serotonin levels 1.

emphasizes the importance of differentiating between refined sugars and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates, which are preferable for dinner, can support sleep without the negative effects associated with refined sugars 2.

Additionally, confirms that carbohydrates consumed at dinner can aid in healthy melatonin production, which further supports better sleep. However, he notes that the body's ability to manage blood sugar levels may be less efficient in the evening, suggesting this might be less of a concern for those without blood sugar regulation issues like diabetes 3.

Carb-Induced Calm

Andrew explains how carbohydrates can increase serotonin levels in the brain, leading to better sleep. He also discusses the importance of glycogen stores for physical training and cognitive function, and the potential drawbacks of supplementing with serotonin.

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