What are Gabrielle Lyon’s exercise and nutrition recommendations?


Gabrielle Lyon's exercise and nutrition recommendations focus on a combination of high protein intake and resistance training to optimize health and longevity.

Nutrition Recommendations:

  1. High Protein Intake: Lyon emphasizes the importance of a high protein diet. She recommends about 1.6 grams per kilogram (0.7 grams per pound) of body weight. This intake, combined with exercise, can lead to significant fat loss and muscle preservation 1 2.
  2. Protein Distribution: She advises spreading protein intake evenly throughout the day to maximize muscle protein synthesis. For example, consuming 45 grams of protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner 3.

    Protein & Exercise Impact

    Gabrielle highlights the significant impact of high protein intake combined with exercise on body weight and fat loss. She explains the thermic effect of food, emphasizing how protein requires more energy for utilization, leading to enhanced muscle protein synthesis and fat loss.

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    Dr. Gabrielle Lyon: How to Exercise & Eat for Optimal Health & Longevity
  3. Diet Consistency: Lyon stresses setting a nutrition standard and sticking to it daily. This consistency provides a framework for execution and long-term success 4.

Exercise Recommendations:

  1. Resistance Training: Lyon suggests full-body resistance training three days a week with exercises like push, pull, hinge, and squat. She highlights the importance of consistency and pushing through mental barriers to achieve physical gains 5.
  2. Exercise for Metabolic Health: She underscores the role of exercise in improving glucose disposal and insulin sensitivity, critical for combating insulin resistance and obesity. Even minimal exercise like walking and basic bodyweight exercises can have a significant impact 6.
  3. Holistic Approach: Lyon combines resistance training with compound movements and ensures full-body engagement, which helps in overall metabolic health and muscle responsiveness 5.

Gabrielle Lyon advocates for a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the synergy between high protein nutrition and consistent resistance training.