What protocols are recommended for improving sleep?


To improve sleep, the following protocols and tools were recommended by and guests on the :

  1. Behavioral Protocols:

    • Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR): Practices for achieving a state of deep relaxation, useful for falling asleep or returning to sleep if awakened during the night. An NSDR script by Andrew Huberman is freely available on YouTube 1.
  2. Environmental Adjustments:

    • Ensure the bedroom environment is conducive to sleeping and sex only, reducing instances of insomnia 2.
    • Elevating the head of the bed can help with acid reflux problems that might interfere with sleep 2.
  3. Technological Tools:

    • Timeshifter app: Help manage jet lag by providing a protocol based on your travel plans 2.
    • Reverie app: Offers sleep hypnosis sessions that have been shown to help with falling asleep and staying asleep 3 4.

      NSDR Protocol

      Andrew Huberman introduces Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) as a behavioral practice that directs the brain and body into a state of deep relaxation. NSDR is a restorative tool that allows individuals to recover sleep and restore levels of dopamine in the brain. Andrew recommends NSDR to anyone experiencing issues with sleep, anxiety, or self-regulation. He also provides a zero-cost NSDR script on YouTube for individuals to access.

      Huberman Lab

      The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body | Huberman Lab Podcast #92
  4. Supplements:

    • Using sleep-related supplements like Magnesium Threonate, apigenin, and theanine after considering individual needs and preferably after discussing with a healthcare provider 5 6.
  5. Therapies:

    • Myofunctional therapy: Tongue exercises that might help with REM sleep and snoring issues 2.

Andrew emphasizes the importance of understanding the diverse tools available to help modify physiology for cognitive and physical improvement. He stated the importance of optimizing sleep to maintain focus and attention, and offered a sleep toolkit available through the Huberman Lab platforms 7.

Additionally, he suggests trying different interventions one at a time and for periods of about a week to understand which supplements or strategies work best for an individual's sleep 5.

Remember to always consult a healthcare professional before implementing new health protocols, especially when considering the use of supplements.