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Zone 2 cardio, as explained by , is a type of cardiovascular exercise where you're active enough for increased breathing and heart rate but can still sustain a conversation. If you were to exert yourself more, you wouldn't complete sentences without pausing for breath. Dr. Huberman personally aims for 60 to 75 minutes of Zone 2 exercise, like jogging, every Sunday 1.

Zone 2 cardio is crucial for health and can be seamlessly integrated into daily life, such as through brisk walking or carrying groceries. Dr. Huberman suggests a goal of at least 200 minutes per week and notes its compatibility with other fitness regimes and life activities without impeding them 2.

Additionally, mentions in an episode on longevity that having a wide "base" of Zone 2 fitness and a high "peak" of aerobic output (VO2 max) creates the best fitness profile, with Zone 2 likened to the base of a pyramid 3.

Zone Two Cardio

Andrew discusses the benefits of zone two cardio, a type of cardiovascular exercise that improves endurance and can be done through activities such as jogging, rowing, cycling, or swimming. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a sustainable pace and building up capacity for long-distance exercise.

Huberman Lab

Fitness Toolkit: Protocol & Tools to Optimize Physical Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #94

Dr. Huberman also discusses Zone 2 cardio in broader terms, emphasizing its benefits for cardiovascular and brain health due to increased blood flow, which is vital for brain function and health 4. He recommends incorporating at least 150 to 200 minutes of Zone 2 cardio into an optimal fitness program, which should also include separate cardiovascular and resistance training sessions to maintain overall fitness and prevent injury 5.