What can you tell me about collagen supplementation?


Collagen supplementation was not directly discussed by in the . However, the discussion about supplement protocols between and touched on the broader concept of how and when to use supplements. It was emphasized that supplementation doesn't necessarily have to be a daily regimen unless it's for foundational nutrition. Supplements can be varied depending on dietary intake and individual needs. The point was made that, like with any supplementation, it's important to consider your overall diet and the quality of foods you're consuming, which in turn may affect your need for certain supplements 1.

For specifics on collagen supplementation and its benefits, interaction with other nutrients, and recommended dosages, it's essential to consult with healthcare providers or look for trusted scientific sources as the did not provide detailed information on this topic.

Supplement Protocols

Andrew and Andy discuss the variability of supplement protocols and the importance of nutrition in supplement usage. They emphasize the idea that people don't have to take supplements all the time and that it's important to consider how well you're eating.

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