What protocols are recommended for improving sleep?


To improve sleep, provides several recommendations:

  1. NSDR Protocols: Non-sleep deep rest protocols, such as hypnosis and yoga nidra, can help teach your brain to shut off and go to sleep. These protocols use the body to shift the mind and are beneficial for calming the autonomic nervous system 1.

  2. Sleep Hypnosis: Using sleep hypnosis has been found to help with falling asleep quickly, staying asleep, and falling back asleep after waking in the middle of the night. The Reverie app was mentioned as a resource for clinically tested sleep hypnosis 2.

  3. Behavioral Protocols: Implementing behavioral protocols for sleep and practicing tools like the Reverie app can serve as an effective and budget-friendly way to address general sleep issues 2.

  4. Timeshifter App: For those dealing with jet lag from consistent travel, the Timeshifter app can provide a protocol for adjusting light exposure, meal times, and other factors to help with sleep 3.

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  5. Myofunctional Therapy: Tongue exercises, called myofunctional therapy, are suggested for people who have problems with REM sleep or snoring 3.

  6. Bedroom Environment: Ensuring the bedroom is used only for sleep and sex can help with insomnia and improve sleep quality 3.

  7. Virtusan App: The Virtusan app includes journeys with specific protocols aimed at improving sleep, covering nutrition, exercise, and other factors 4.

  8. Monitoring Sleep Variables: Keeping track of when you wake up, when you get sunlight, when you exercise, and when you engage in non-sleep deep rest can help optimize sleep 5.

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