With recent information about low serotonin being recognized as a symptom of long covid, are there any episodes on this topic already? I listen to quite a bit, but could've overlooked it. Im mostly interested to learn if serotonin levels gradually return to normal over time. I was rx'd an ssri after a severe anxiety attack but had never had anxiety to that degree before in my life. Im hoping to be able to discontinue the medication one day. Thank You!

It appears that there are currently no episodes in the specifically discussing low serotonin as a symptom of long COVID, or the related aspects of serotonin levels potentially returning to normal over time, particularly in relation to SSRI medication use. This might be an emerging research area and could be covered in future episodes as more studies and insights become available.

For now, monitoring upcoming episodes might be beneficial as this topic could align with the podcast’s focus on neuroscience and health. If you have any other questions or need information on a different topic, feel free to ask!


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Currently, there are no episodes in the that directly address topics on serotonin levels or long COVID. This specific combination might not yet have been covered in the episodes released so far. As these topics are both pertinent to neuroscience and mental health, they may be explored in future content given the ongoing developments in COVID-19 research and the significance of neurotransmitters like serotonin in mental health.

If there's another subject within neuroscience, mental health, or physiology that interests you, or if you have more questions on managing anxiety and medication, feel free to ask for guidance based on the available episodes!


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