25-30 inhale exhale


The breathing exercise involving 25-30 inhales and exhales is known as cyclic hyperventilation with retention. This technique includes 25-30 deep inhales and exhales, usually through the mouth, followed by exhaling all your air, and then holding your breath with lungs empty. This cycle is typically repeated several rounds and can increase adrenaline release and breath hold time by reducing carbon dioxide levels in the blood. This helps delay the impulse to breathe, which is usually triggered by rising carbon dioxide levels. 1

For another variant, you can perform this cyclic inhale-exhale pattern 25-30 times repeatedly, which will lead to the release of adrenaline, making you feel warm and agitated. This should be followed by an exhale and a breath-hold for about 15 to 30 seconds. Repeating this practice can enhance your energy and help teach your body how to regulate stress responses effectively. 2

Always ensure to perform these exercises in a safe environment, as Andrew Huberman emphasizes the importance of safety, especially warning against practicing this near water or while driving.

Breathwork Benefits

Andrew explains the benefits of cyclic hyperventilation with retention, a breathing technique that can release adrenaline and increase breath hold time by reducing carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

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