Dr Huberman and Staff, Please deidcate one episode to blood, all human and ever so red, so we think. Please address the development of RBC, its properties and elemental make up. How does our blood change over lifespan; what makes our blood toxic; what allows us to see our genetic make up; is there really Bad Blood?; and how do illness alter when plasmophoresis, transfusions and echmo are in place. Thank you for your consideration. A. Muma

It seems that there is currently no episode of Huberman Lab specifically dedicated to the topic of blood in the extensive manner you've described. However, this is a valuable suggestion for a future episode given the complexity and importance of the subject in human biology and medicine.

If a future episode addresses these facets about blood, it would indeed provide a rich source of information. Meanwhile, if you have any other specific questions or another topic in mind you're curious about, please let me know, and I'll do my best to assist you with the existing data!