Highlights from

Here are some highlights from the aired on October 4, 2021, as part of the series:

  • The episode covers how thermoregulation can impact performance and health.
  • Dr. Craig Heller discussed the benefits of cold exposure and strategies for cooling, particularly in relation to exercise-induced brain fog and hyperthermia.
  • An exploration of muscle overheating, muscle failure mechanisms, and cooling strategies to combat these issues was included.
  • Dr. Heller touched upon the concept of temperature gating energy use and how it affects exercise.
  • Insights into mammalian heat regulation, performance, and loss due to muscle soreness were shared.
  • Significant focus was given to revolutionary athletic technology, such as the "Cool Mitt," to enhance endurance and recovery.
  • The episode also delved into topics like muscle soreness, performance enhancement, shivering and its effects on metabolism, as well as sleep hygiene tips related to temperature management.
  • Dr. Heller provided knowledge on the treatment of hypothermia and the design of canine cooling devices.
  • Additional discussions included the activation of brown fat, tackling brain freeze, thermogenesis, and the impact of energy drinks on performance.