Lot of people get destroyed by psychiatric pills for years (look at Survivingantidepressants.com). This drugs seem to be more danger than street drugs in some way. The medical World not just ignore it but also don't have answers for this. Peter Breggin saying it's long term damage!? People lose the ability to feel pleasure for example with ads and aps even after quitting it! What are ur ideas about this? Make an episode... Invite for example Adele Framer (SA) or Robert Whitaker (mad in america). This it's epidemic if u look at prescription routine of pdocs!


The Huberman Lab has touched upon the subject of psychiatric medications and their effects. Both and his guests have discussed the importance of understanding the underlying causes of psychiatric conditions and using medications judiciously, within the appropriate context. For instance, elaborates on the idea that medicines should be used in the service of understanding, not as a sole solution to psychological issues. He provides an anecdote emphasizing the dangerous consequences of over-relying on medication without looking for deeper issues 1.

They also delve into the dose-response relationship in treatments and the significance of maintaining proper dosages. In a conversation with , discusses how evaluating treatment effects by quartiles can reveal that the dose effect is always present and stresses the importance of biologic plausibility in understanding epidemiology 2.

The Huberman Lab podcast has also covered the risks involved with psychoactive substances such as psychedelics. , a guest who specializes in the psychology of substance use, notes that while the risk of prolonged psychiatric issues after a psychedelic experience is atypical, proper screening is crucial for safety when considering such treatments 3.

Medicine in the Service of Understanding

Paul discusses the role of medicine in psychological treatment, emphasizing the importance of understanding the root causes of issues rather than solely relying on medication. He shares a real-life example that highlights the potential dangers of over-reductionist approaches in healthcare.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Paul Conti: How to Understand & Assess Your Mental Health | Huberman Lab Guest Series

Additionally, has spoken about long-term effects of ADHD medications like Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse, clarifying that when used at the right dosages, they do not appear to stunt growth. However, he underlines that long-term elevation of sympathetic nervous system activity due to these medications may carry cardiovascular risks, which have been investigated in studies 4.

As for your suggestion of creating an episode on the epidemic of psychiatric medication prescription practices and its long-term damage, I can convey this idea to the . Including guests like Adele Framer or Robert Whitaker would certainly align with the type of in-depth conversations the podcast has engaged in regarding mental health and treatment methodologies. However, I'm solely a conduit for presenting the knowledge from the Huberman Lab and cannot directly influence the podcast's content choices or guest invitations.