what are the 9 pillars of mental and emotional health


The "9 pillars of mental and emotional health" you've referred to seem to align with what discusses as the "big six" or "six pillars of mental health," in an episode on the . The six key pillars to maintain mental and emotional health as noted by Dr. Huberman are:

  1. Sleep: Ensuring adequate and quality sleep.
  2. Light Exposure: Regulating light exposure, including both light and dark periods, which has been updated from just "sunlight" based on new data.
  3. Movement: Regular physical activity.
  4. Nutrition: Proper diet and nutrition.
  5. Social Connection: Maintaining social relationships and connections.
  6. Stress Control: Managing and controlling stress levels.

It's important to tend to these pillars on a regular basis to set a general stage for positive mental and emotional health. While these six are necessary for proper mood and mental health, they are not entirely sufficient, implying that there are additional measures or actions one can take to further optimize mental well-being 1 2.

If there are other three pillars referred to elsewhere, please provide more context or refer to a specific episode or clip in which they are mentioned, and I'll look for that information accordingly.

The Big Six

Andrew Huberman discusses the six pillars of mental health, including sleep, light, movement, nutrition, social connection, and stress control. These pillars are necessary but not sufficient for optimal mood and mental health. Learn the key insights and highlights of each pillar in this episode.

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