Does it count to get sunlight through a window?


Sunlight through a window is significantly less effective in providing the benefits of sunlight to our circadian system. emphasizes that the neurons in our eyes that adjust our circadian clock are most responsive to the specific quality and amount of light that comes from direct sunlight when the sun is low in the sky. Getting sunlight in your eyes is crucial, and doing so through a window is about 50 times less effective than being outside without any barriers such as windows or sunglasses. This is because glass windows filter out certain wavelengths of light that are important for setting circadian rhythms. Therefore, even on cloudy or overcast days, it is beneficial to seek outdoor sunlight to expose your eyes and skin to the full spectrum of natural light as much as safely possible 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Sunlight and Circadian Rhythm

Andrew explains how the neurons in our eyes that set the circadian clock respond best to sunlight and the quality of light that comes in when the sun is low in the sky. He emphasizes the importance of getting sunlight in our eyes as close to waking as possible and how it is 50 times less effective to view sunlight through a window, through a car windshield, or through the side window of a car than it is to just get outside with no sunglasses and view light early in the day.

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