The topic of hyperestrogenemia has been discussed in relation to various conditions and contexts within the . Here are some insights:

  • In one discussion, mentions that hyperestrogenism can coincide with endometriosis, characterized by the overgrowth of the lining of the uterus. He suggests that individuals suffering from this may benefit from supplements like Tongkat Ali, which can decrease aromatase, an enzyme that converts androgens to estrogens, thereby potentially balancing estrogen levels 1.
  • In another segment, also discusses how alcohol and high-fat meals can increase aromatase, which could lead to hyperestrogenism. This is particularly relevant for individuals following a high-fat diet, such as a ketogenic diet, who might already be experiencing elevated estrogen levels 2.
  • Elsewhere, explains how various supplements, including Fadogia Agrestis, can affect levels of luteinizing hormone and consequently alter levels of testosterone and estrogen. He underscores the importance of blood work and monitoring hormonal levels when considering supplementation, as it's crucial for safety and understanding the impact on one's biological systems 3.

    Tongkat Ali Cycle

    Kyle explains that Tongkat Ali likely does not need to be cycled off, but to be safe, an eleven months on, one month off cycle is reasonable. If combined with Fidoja, a three weeks on, one week off cycle is recommended.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr. Kyle Gillett: How to Optimize Your Hormones for Health & Vitality | Huberman Lab Podcast #67

Understanding and managing estrogen levels are critical for health, and it's recommended that individuals consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice and monitoring, especially when considering taking supplements or altering hormone levels.