Should I try MDMA?


Andrew Huberman discussed the various aspects of MDMA in his podcast.

Prospective Benefits in Therapy: Huberman highlighted the potential of MDMA to create a neurochemical environment in the brain that can potentiate therapy, especially for PTSD and other disorders. This can allow therapy to be more effective in fewer sessions and help individuals reframe traumatic events for more productive lives 1.

Psychedelic Experiences: Sam Harris spoke on an episode about the potential benefits of experiences with MDMA in accessing different, healthier mental states. He noted the positive impact on well-being while acknowledging risks 2.

Neurotoxicity and the Crash: Huberman explained MDMA's possible neurotoxic effects and the crash that is common after ingesting stimulants. Myths around post-MDMA crashes were debunked, and he provided insights into offsetting neurotoxicity 3 4.


Andrew discusses the potential of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD and other disorders. He explains how the compound produces a neurochemical milieu in the brain that allows therapy to be more potent in a limited number of sessions, and how it can help people reframe traumatic events to lead productive lives.

Huberman Lab

The Science of MDMA & Its Therapeutic Uses: Benefits & Risks | Huberman Lab Podcast

Illegal Status and Debates: He also covered MDMA's legal status, its history, effects, and the debate on its clinical potential versus toxicity concerns 5.

Risks of Street MDMA: Huberman emphasized caution with street MDMA due to the dangers of fentanyl contamination and the importance of using sympathomimetics carefully 6.

In conclusion, while there are potential therapeutic benefits associated with MDMA, especially in the context of treating PTSD, there's also significant discussion about its risks, both in terms of neurotoxicity and legal status. Before considering trying MDMA, it is important to be aware of and weigh these potential risks and benefits. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.