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The has discussed the important relationship between gut health and autism. referred to studies that emphasize the key role of the microbiome on brain health, including psychiatric health. He highlighted research that identified particular microbiota, such as L. reuteri, which can help offset some symptoms of autism spectrum disorder in mouse models by activating the vagus nerve and stimulating dopamine and oxytocin release 1.

Although these findings are based on studies with mice, there's interest in the potential for similar effects in humans. Additionally, mentioned that healthy gut microbiota have been shown to improve symptoms of psychiatric illnesses and even features along the autism spectrum, possibly due to their role in improving immune system function and the gut-brain pathway 2.

Moreover, consumption of fermented foods is suggested to support healthy levels of gut microbiota and prevent gut microbiome-associated issues like brain fog, which can occur if probiotics are consumed in excessive amounts 3. Adjusting the gut microbiome may have a significant positive impact on various autoimmune conditions and potentially on the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder 4.

Microbiome and Autism

Andrew discusses recent studies on the role of the microbiome in autism, highlighting Mauro's lab's work on mouse models of autism spectrum disorder. They have identified a particular type of microbiota, L. reuteri, that can help offset some of the symptoms of autism by activating the vagus nerve and stimulating dopamine and oxytocin release. Though this is not human work, it is exciting and comes in parallel with other studies being done on the microbiomes of people with different conditions.

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