What's the best timing for Omega 3 and Vitamin D intake?


According to , omega-3 fatty acids, particularly a minimum of 300 milligrams of DHA, can have positively modulate attention and focus. Although the clip did not directly address the timing for Omega 3 intake, it emphasizes the importance of reaching sufficient levels of EPA and DHA for mood and attentional benefits. Additionally, the clip discussed how taking 200 milligrams of phosphatidylserine daily for two months can enhance the effects on ADHD symptoms in children, particularly when combined with omega-3 fatty acids. The clip, however, does not provide specific information regarding the best timing for Vitamin D intake or for the ingestion of omega-3 in relation to Vitamin D 1.

Unfortunately, there was no information found in the retrieved data directly addressing the best timing for taking Omega 3 and Vitamin D supplements. For personalized advice on supplement timing, consulting with a healthcare provider is recommended.

Omega-3 and ADHD

Andrew explains how omega-3 fatty acids can positively modulate attention and focus, and the importance of reaching a threshold level of 300 milligrams of DHA for attentional effects. He also discusses the potential benefits of phosphatidylserine for reducing ADHD symptoms, especially when taken with omega-3.

Huberman Lab

ADHD & How Anyone Can Improve Their Focus | Huberman Lab Podcast #37

I remember a guests episode, with a man talking about his fasting protocol, where he mentioned his protocol for taking supplements, which I think included Omega 3. Can you identify that episode?

The episode you are referring to might be "" from the podcast, where various topics related to fitness, including different types of workouts, benefits of leg days, principles of resistance training, and the concept of training while fasted versus fed are discussed. However, the description does not explicitly mention a guest talking about a fasting protocol and his supplement regimen which includes Omega 3.

If this is not the episode you were thinking of, please provide additional details or clarify your question to help narrow down the search.


It was an episode about longevity.

The episode you are referring to is likely "" featuring Satchin Panda, a professor who specializes in circadian rhythm research. In this episode, various topics about intermittent fasting, meal timing, and circadian biology are covered, which align with your interest in a longevity episode with discussions about a fasting protocol and potentially supplements like Omega 3.

To find specific information about the supplements discussed, you may need to listen to the episode or locate the transcript, as the description doesn't provide details about the supplement regimen.