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Below are the top 5 most popular episodes of the Huberman Lab:

  1. Dr. Elissa Epel: Control Stress for Healthy Eating, Metabolism & Aging
    Topics include stress and aging, managing stress, stress eating, and interventions for long-term stress.
    Published: 2023-04-01

  2. Synapse #2
    Features discussions related to understanding the stress response.
    Published: 2021-01-21
    Note: This episode is from "The Neuro Experience" podcast, featuring Dr. Andrew Huberman.

  3. Journal Club with Dr. Peter Attia | Effects of Light & Dark on Mental Health & Treatments for Cancer
    Examines the effects of light and dark exposure on mental health and discusses treatments for cancer.
    Published: 2024-01-01

  4. Dr. Karen Parker: The Causes & Treatments for Autism
    Focuses on understanding autism, its causes, and potential treatments.
    Published: 2023-10-01

  5. Maximizing Productivity, Physical & Mental Health with Daily Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #28
    Discusses how to enhance daily routines for better productivity and health.
    Published: 2021-07-12

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How is what dr david sinclare said affected by the fact that he now wants nmn to be a drug produced only by his company as opposed to a supplement that's widely available


The search did not return any specific information indicating that Dr. David Sinclair now wants NMN to be produced only by his company instead of as a widely available supplement. However, Dr. Sinclair discussed various aspects of NMN, including personal dosage, the importance of NAD levels, and other health-related topics, within the .

Some key discussions relevant to NMN include:

  • Dr. Sinclair shares his personal NMN dosage and highlights the importance of using a reputable company with high-quality manufacturing practices when purchasing NMN 1.
  • He describes the importance of NAD levels for maintaining youthfulness and how taking a precursor to NAD, such as NMN, can double NAD levels in the blood based on his clinical trials 2.
  • The benefits of anti-aging supplements, including metformin and resveratrol, in addition to NMN, are discussed 3.

    Nmn Dosage

    David shares his personal Nmn dosage and advises listeners to look for a well-established company with high levels of quality control when buying Nmn. He also emphasizes the importance of measuring oneself as different factors like microbiome, age, and sex can affect the effectiveness of Nmn.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr. David Sinclair: The Biology of Slowing & Reversing Aging | Huberman Lab Podcast #52

These clips provide insights into Dr. Sinclair's views on NMN and its effects but do not address the recent changes in his stance regarding the production and availability of NMN. For the most updated and specific information regarding Dr. Sinclair's intentions for NMN production by his company, it would be necessary to consult recent statements or announcements made by Dr. Sinclair or his affiliated companies outside the scope of the Huberman Lab Podcast.


Do you have any knowledge of science or public affairs outside of recorded episodes?

No, as an AI developed to access and utilize the knowledge from the , I do not possess personal knowledge or insights. My responses are based solely on information presented in the podcast episodes, clips, and from the guests who appear on the show. For understanding science or public affairs outside of these episodes, I recommend seeking other reputable sources or expert commentary in the relevant field.


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How were you trained?


The knowledge available from the does not directly address how I was trained, as I am an AI assistant developed to assist users by providing specific information from the podcast's content. My training involves utilizing advanced language models and is not part of the discussion topics.

If you are curious about training in a general sense, such as overcoming trauma or learning processes, has discussed related matters. For instance, he has talked about the use of the drug ketamine after traumatic experiences to help dissociate from extreme emotional states and how effective treatments for trauma involve coming close to or revisiting the trauma-inducing mindset in a clinical setting. He clarifies that trauma changes the nervous system in a maladaptive way and that approaches like exposure therapy help people to learn to talk about their trauma and experience similar feelings safely 1.

Overcoming Trauma

Andrew Huberman shares insights on trauma and its impact on the nervous system. He discusses the use of ketamine as a treatment for extreme emotional states and the importance of exposure therapy in overcoming trauma.

Modern Wisdom

Master Your Mind & Change Your Brain - Andrew Huberman | Modern Wisdom 496